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  • I'm here to help guide you on a journey of discovering
    your creative superpowers through drawing,
    no matter what level you're at :)

    seating is limited

  • Everything is available online.

    All you need is an internet connection and a pc, laptop, or mobile device.

    Why Draw?

    Drawing can be an incredible act of self-care. It has the power to promote well-being and decrease stress and anxiety.

    Who it's for.

    My online-class is a safe place for people who are afraid to draw, have never drawn, or want brush up on their drawing skills.

    What I teach.

    Simple drawing exercises that trick your brain into a creative mode. These are researched methods that have worked for me and most importantly, my students.


    Everything is available online. All the class recordings are uploaded in the member's portal for a do-it-a-your-own-pace style of learning.


    You will be welcomed by students from our online global Mindful Drawing community :)

  • When does it start? How do I sign up?

    The course begins Feb. 28th and you can sign up by clicking "Register Now" in the navigation menu above.

    I can't draw, can I still take the class?

    Yes! In fact, my class is created for people just like you!

    Can my son or daughter take it?

    Yes! My class is for children and adults.

    Can I get a refund if I don't like it?

    Absolutely! Though, this has never happened so far! ;)I don’t live in the USA, can I still participate?

    I don’t live in the USA, can I still participate?

    Yes! You can participate anywhere there is an internet connection :)

    Is everything recorded?

    YES! Everything is recorded, including the LIVE classes.

    How do I access the recordings and the course?

    When you purchase this course, you will receive a link a week before the course starts with all of your login info.

    I do not have a computer or Wifi. I use my iPhone. Can I attend the class on my mobile phone?

    The entire course, including the live portions, will be accessible via mobile devices via the mobile-friendly members portal!

    What kind of materials we will need?

    We will be using everyday materials including printer paper, pencils, and ball point/sharpie pens. I also recommend people purchase a small set of watercolor crayons.

    Are we learning to draw like your style?

    No, but I will teach you simple and effective tools to help get you into a creative and meditative state of mind. The goal is to help you explore YOUR creativity and unique style :)

    How are the live classes structured?

    Only I am speaking and teaching. All students are hidden from video and audio. If a student wishes to ask a question, they can type it in the "chat box". Occasionally I give students the opportunity to ask questions over the audio feature.

    I can’t make the live classes! Can I still see them?


    Yes! Everything will be uploaded to the friendly member’s portal!

  • Schedule

    In addition to quick daily creative prompts, you'll get access to the following:

    Week 1

    warming up

    Week 1 is all about gently introducing you to drawing exercises that will trick your brain into the creative mode!

    Feb 28th - Live Class #1 @ 12PM - 1PM PST

    Plus, a pre-recorded video tutorial.

    Week 2

    putting it together

    Week 2 is all about putting the tools from week 1 together in a personally tailored series of drawing exercises.


    March 7th - Live Class #2 @ 12PM - 1PM PST

    Plus, a pre-recorded video tutorial.

    Bonus Week

    industry pro tips and other goodies

    Surprise bonus podcast interview w/ industry professional

    Plus, a Bonus Live call March 14th @ 12PM - 1PM PST

  • Supplies Needed

    What you will need...

    Regular pencils {2b will do}
    A black sharpie {or similar} fine tip pen
    Printer paper
    Black ball point pen
    A beginners pack of watercolor crayons {I prefer the NeoColor Watersoluable Pastels}
    10 sheets of large multimedia art paper {I prefer the Canson 9''x12'' mixed media pad}

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  • Mindful Drawing


    The Healing Power of Creativity

    “Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” Franklin Roosevelt.


    For those of you familiar with Facebook or Instagram, you may have come across a little monk & his elephant companion, the creations of Molly Hahn and better known as Buddha Doodles.


    I have had Buddha Doodles appearing each day on my Facebook timeline for a couple of years now, and in turn I share them with my Facebook friends. The drawings are so simple but incredibly sweet and the affirmations and quotes which accompany them are heartfelt and thought provoking. I was so taken with Molly’s images that I commissioned her and now have 3 Buddha Doodle originals hanging up in my home.


    Since beginning my mindfulness journey, I have come to learn that being creative is incredibly conducive to “just being”. I am a writer and although I love the idea of one day being able to stand in front of an easel to paint and create beautiful, original art for myself and if I was lucky...for others too, the reality is that I just couldn’t ever get it right and my pencils and drawing pads got shut away in a cupboard, never seeing the light of day again.


    However, when Molly advertised her “Mindful Drawing with Molly”; a short course which promised a “journey of discovering your creative superpowers through drawing, no matter what level you're at”. I decided to take the plunge and have a go. It was only 2 weeks plus a bonus week and conducted in the safe environment of a closed Facebook group and a weekly, hour long online live session. I wasn’t quite sure how she was going to teach us art online, but she did and it worked beautifully.


    Through a previous creative workshop, I already knew that creativity is a powerful tool to help relieve stress and practice mindfulness, but Molly also pointed out that Buddha Doodles had been born out of the need for an outlet to work with her emotions and facilitate healing. Whilst still recovering from a car accident, I certainly had some emotional stuff going on and definitely needed some healing.


    As I live in the UK, I checked in with Molly that I would still be able to participate and all was good. Once on the course, I was amazed at how many people there were from all of the over the world all online and most of us juggling different time zones. The atmosphere in the online “classroom” was buzzing, Molly was like a bubbly bottle of fizz and the hour’s lessons flew by – sadly.


    Once you have signed up for the course, you have access to an online portal where each day, was a lesson for you to work through comprising of a daily ritual of creativity, called “Taking my pencil for a walk”. This was coupled with some short meditation time and an opportunity to work listening to your favorite instrumental pieces of music, although I have to confess to cheating one day and listened to Disturbed! Hey, it worked for me!!


    I personally opted to do my lessons first thing in the morning and it really was a great way to start my day, I found the exercises incredibly calming and therapeutic. Throughout the 2 weeks of the course and since, I have found that when I am feeling tense or anxious, I have taken out my pad and taken my pencil for a walk which was exactly that.


    Just allowing your pencil to move over the page and create shapes – initially it felt like scribble until we realized that within all the abstract shapes, we could find images and very soon birds, monsters, balloons, hearts all started to appear on our pages. We highlighted them and added color. Each day, proud of our achievements, the closed Facebook group would be gallery to our efforts.


    Molly records all of the online sessions, so you are able to watch again or catch up if you weren’t able to attend the live session. Throughout the course, we were made aware of our inner critic and each time it raised its voice which it did often, we were to answer “Is that true? Is it the ultimate truth? Soon, I think most of us managed to silence that voice for a while and share our achievements with the rest of the group.


    The cost of the course is $75 and for that you get your 2 weeks of online tuition from Molly and the third is a bonus week. The schedule of the week is as follows:


    Week 1

    Upside down drawing exercises which is a proven technique that tricks your brain into creative mode. We were given an image which we had to turn upside down and then draw it. The results were incredible!


    Week 2

    During this session, we took tools and techniques learnt from the first week and put them together in a series of personally tailored drawing exercises.


    Bonus Week


    Podcast interview with an industry professional and Molly demonstrated the makings of a Buddha Doodle


    For me the workshop was worth every penny. By the end of the second week, I had paintings and drawings which I was proud to show off, not only in the closed group but also on my own Facebook page; highlighting the fact that they had all been drawn upside down – what a revelation that was.


    Molly is a great teacher and comes across as incredibly knowledgeable but also a little vulnerable which for me, made her real and relatable. I am amazed how much I have learnt in such a short space of time and will definitely be signed up for her next course. Molly runs these courses every quarter and details of the next date can be found at http://www.mindfuldrawing.org/


    If you want to learn a lovely way to practice mindfulness, then I would definitely give this course a go. It is perfect for existing artists, complete beginners like myself or as Molly says “people who are afraid to draw”.

    Go on, sign up and create your own doodle masterpiece!!


    (PS. This is my own review and I have no affiliate with Molly Hahn or Buddha Doodles)​